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Talk about the underdog story, Kosmo proved to millions of people that this can truly change your life no matter what you have been through! Never really having a father figure to teach him how to talk to girls, Kosmo became extremely afraid and anxious when women were around him. He was always funny and made his friends laugh and feel good, but when women came around him, he would shutdown and it would be hard for him to just relax and be himself. Not knowing what to say or what to do Kosmo began to suffer from depression around high school and his lack of self-confidence led to his loss of identity. He tried several different ways to change his persona into the nice guy, the bad boy or who he thought women wanted. It became demoralizing questioning his ability and man hood. After not being able to attend his High School Prom because he had no date and he was too embarrased to show up by himself. Kosmo realized that he was going to have to accept the fact that he was really bad with women. Years went by and nothing changed for Kosmo. It started to affect his work, his relationship with his friends and family and Kosmo knew that he had to do something about this problem.

One day he got a call from VH1 saying that he would be perfect for this new documentary/reality show called “The Pick UP Artist”. After weeks of tryouts and auditions, VH1 did a national search and Kosmo got picked to be on the show. He knew it was going to be really embarrasing and he did not want to do the show at first, but he knew this was something that he had to do no matter if he liked it or not.
Kosmo won the title of being a Master Pick Up Artist, and was a crowd favorite. He instantly began to get hundreds of emails from people that were suffering from the same problem he was. Kosmo began to travel the world with Mystery and Matador teaching bootcamps! The one thing that students were starting to realize was that Kosmo was just like them. Kosmo was able to relate to them on a personal level and that gave them Hope.

Years later, Kosmo has evolved into one of the most powerful Dating Gurus of his time. He travels all over the world teaching this art form to thousands and thousands of people, and he has taught over 100 seminars with Mystery and Matador. He has completely transformed his life and he also does alot of 1 on 1’s with celebrities. Kosmo is extremely passionate and his students can always relate to him very quickly because of his journey and what he had to go through. This has not been an easy road for Kosmo, but now he is in the position to change lives and that is exactly what he has been doing. From guys that are over 40 yrs old that just got divorced from 22 yr olds that feel like committing suicide and doing drugs. Kosmo teaches you much more than just picking up girls, it is about building a life and being happy with who you are.

Kosmo is a firm believer that you have to lead by example. Every single one of his bootcamps, he tells his students to sit back and enjoy the show, so they can realize what is possible and how they can get to that level… After a couple sets, he will begin to creatively manipulate the situation and before you know it, you will be in set… Kosmo is all about natural game and he teaches you inner game tactics that make everything so organic and explosive at the same time… His energy is contagious and he explains step by step on HOW to attract ANY girl… Seduce her… and keep her in your life… If you want…
Kosmo has been working full time with Venusian Arts ever since he earned the title of Master Pickup Artist. The game has evolved and their is so much new things going on between Kosmo and his 2 brothers… Mystery and Matador. They go out 3 to 4 times a week and experiment on new pickup theories and how to get real results really quick!

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Dionysus is the alter ego of entertainer Rob Scelfo, because he is known for causing debauchery and getting constantly nicknamed “troublemaker” by his exploits. Dio broke into the entertainment industry as an avid break dancer at the age of 15. At 27 years old he now owns a DJ and event planning company, and is an electrifying MC and public speaker. Rob has a associates degree in psychology and is a certified hypnotherapist.

Rob never had problems meeting women, he had problems meeting the “right” women. “I never developed the skillset to get the girl I really wanted. I usually settled for those that came to me. Most of the time I just got lucky and I considered myself lucky. They were really the lucky ones.”

Rob got into the game after a nasty breakup and decided he would never ever settle again when it comes to women. Rob became a bartender to jump start his education inpickup. “I was out 4-5 nights a week getting paid at least $250 a night to learn game.

The learning curve was ridiculous!” After just two months of being a newbie Rob was sent to the Playboy Mansion by Mystery where he left with and ended up dating one of the playmates he met there. Because of his social training Rob developed an uncanny ability to cold read targets and decode body language.

Dionysus has appeared as a dating expert on the Tyra banks show, Rachel Ray, and is an allstar student of Kosmo’s in VH1’s The Pickup Artist Season 2. When he is not teaching pickup Dionysus enjoys Muay Thai training, body building, DJing, modeling, and reading. A firm believer in the Law of Attraction Rob’s goal is to share and pass along this gift he has learned to others. You can tell he is really passionate about social dynamics. “This is about building a lifestyle that women are naturally attracted to. Let’s build it together!”